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About Factory

CV. Coco Tangguh established on coconutt charcoal for shisha and barbeque . Production team and owner has experienced on research and production since 2020. Indonesia has potential as the largest and best coconut producing country, so we always give our client the best product start from premium raw material.

We have many employees and our briquette factory capacity is able to produce an average of 5 tons per day. And several countries that become the target of our briquette exports include : Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Syiria. European countries such as : Germany, Sweden and England. United States of America and Brazil. Asian countries such as : Japan and other several other countries.

Apart from exporting briquettes, we also provide briquette to restaurants that previously used wood or coconut charcoal then switch to briquettes. The switching factor from traditional charcoal to briquette are due to : briquettes is odorless, less spark, smokeless compared to wooden charcoal, easy to ignite, longer burning time (3 hours), glowing high heat of fire up to 7000 calori. We also fullfil the needs of charcoal briquettes for shisha / hookah consumption because it is safe from chemicals and non-toxic.